When you book Uchawi wa Afrika holiday home, you agree to the rental conditions as stated below. Please read these conditions carefully before booking.
These terms and conditions apply to rental of the self-catering holiday accommodation property Uchawi wa Afrika, 3641 Soenie street , 1340 Marloth Park, South Africa.
It is only possible to deviate from these rental conditions if the owner has agreed to this in writing prior to confirming the booking. This written consent -if applicable- is stated on the booking confirmation. The tenant can under no circumstances claim the application of any own conditions.

    1. A booking can be made either by telephone or online (internet / e-mail). These booking methods are all legally binding. Upon registering a booking, these rental terms and conditions become applicable. The client of the booking is jointly and severally liable for the fulfillment of the booking and the rental conditions.
    2. There are no additional booking costs, as you deal directly with the owner.
    3. Booking: order and payments
      1. Each booking will be confirmed by the owner by means of a booking confirmation. This is sent by e-mail.
      2. Within 7 days after the booking confirmation being sent, an advance payment of 50% of the total rent must be made. The remainder of the rent and a deposit of € 150/ ZAR 3000 must be paid no later than 4 weeks before the start of the rental period. When booking within 4 weeks before the start of the rental period, the full rent + deposit are immediately due and payable.
      3. In the event of late payment of the deposit or the full rental sum, the owner is entitled to cancel the booked period for the rental of the holiday home. The cancellation conditions described in Article 2.2.c are then in force. The deposit paid -if any- will be fully refunded in the event of cancellation.


    1. Cooling-off period
      1. A booking may be canceled free of charge within 7 calendar days from the confirmation date. This must be done in writing / by e-mail.
      2. If canceled after these 7 days, the cancellation conditions apply.
      3. When a booking is made within 4 weeks before the start of the rental period, this cooling-off period does not apply and the cancellation conditions as further described here apply immediately.
    2. Cancellation by the tenant
      1. Cancellations must be sent to the owner in writing or by email ( After receipt of the cancellation, the owner will send a cancellation confirmation by e-mail.
      2. In the event of cancellation within 7 days after booking, the provisions of Article 1a are valid insofar as the booking has not been made within 4 weeks before the start of the rental period.
      3. In the event of late or late payment or cancellation after 7 days, the following conditions apply:
        • With 90 days or more you pay 10% of the total price.
        • For 60 - 90 days you pay 25% of the total price.
        • For 30 - 60 days you pay 50% of the total price.
        • With 15 - 30 days you pay 75% of the total price.
        • With 0 - 1 5 days you owe the full amount (100%).
      4. In the event of cancellation, the owner is entitled to release the property for rent or lease to others.
      5. If the tenant leaves the holiday home before the end of the rental period, there will be no refund of already paid rent.
    1. Cancellation by the owner

If circumstances (fire, flood, vandalism, political violence, (civil) war or other social unrest) beyond his control force the owner to cancel the already rented holiday home, the tenant will be notified immediately by the owner and the already paid amount will be refunded at his earliest convenience.

    1. Liability of the tenant
      1. At all times the principal tenant (hereinafter: tenant) , his fellow tenants and/or his visitors must use the accommodation with all due care, whilst respecting the tranquility of the surroundings.
      2. The tenant is liable for damage caused by him, his fellow tenants or any visitors, even if this damage is discoverd after his departure. If damage is found after the main tenant has left, he will have to comply with the owner's decision on the matter.
      3. House rules present in and/or provided when entering the holiday home are an inseparable part of the rental agreement and must therefore be strictly adhered to at all times.
      4. The tenant must ensure that he does not cause nuisance or disturbance for the neighbors. In the event of infringement, all persons may be subject to eviction from the holiday home without prior warning and without refund of rent.
      5. The tenant is liable for every fire (candles are prohibited) that is lit at the holiday home. Every self-ignited fire must be supervised at all times until it is completely extinguished. Pay attention to remaining flare as the wind may re-ignite the fire.
      6. Each tenant agrees that he / she will enter and use this accommodation entirely out of free will and voluntarily participates in all activities undertaken in and around the house (including, but not limited to: interaction with the animals, walking around the premises and using the swimming pool), including the use of all facilities and equipment.
      7. Every tenant accepts the risk of injury, illness, damage or any other damage to people or property that may result from this use or participation.
      8. For the interpretation and enforcement of these rules come the tenant agrees that these are subject is to the rules and laws of Marloth Park, renouncing any other jurisdiction which may be now or hereafter applicable.
      9. The tenant warrants that Uchawi wa Africa, its owners and their representatives will not be held responsible for any injury or damage or any other damages suffered by him, his fellow tenants or their visitors.
    1. Liability of the owner

The owner is not liable for any loss or any other claim by his tenant regarding (not limited to) the following:

      1. liability for personal injury, death, accident, loss or theft or damage to objects, loss of mental or motor skills, or other discomfort .
      2. any delay or change in (travel) schedules or flights by someone as a result of any conscious or unconscious action or negligence .
      3. monetary crisis, working conditions, economic changes, mechanical maintenance or problems during construction work, noise or deviating climate conditions, local laws and regulations or any other unexpected circumstance .
      4. additional expenses due to delays or changes at airlines or other transport companies, missed connecting flights, replacement accommodation, service interruption, ticket cancellation, illness, strike, war, quarantine, pickpocketing, monetary crisis, political or social unrest, illnesses or any other event outside its sphere of influence.
    1. The house description defines the maximum number of people who may stay in this holiday home. This number, in this case 8 people, may not be exceeded at any time or under any circumstances. If this number is exceeded, the rental agreement will be considered dissolved by operation of law and further access to the holiday home will be refused, without being entitled to a refund of the rent paid.
    2. Children under the age of 1 year are not counted as a full person for this specific purpose, but must be declared in advance.
    3. If, without the knowledge or consent of the owner, additional persons (> 8) stay in the holiday home, a claim of 25% of the rent per additional person will arise and becomes due and payable immediately. This claim may be deducted from the deposit.

The holiday home must be left tidy at the end of each stay. This implies:

    1. The house is tidy, everything is in its place.
    2. The outdoor seats are folded and put inside the house and the cushions of the lounge set are stored on top of the couches in the lounge inside the house.
    3. Clean dishes are back in the cupboards.
    4. The holiday home is broom clean.
    5. If you have any food or other products you want to leave for the cleaners, put it in the fridge as cleaning is not always done the same day.
    6. The dustbins are all empty and the waste bags are taken to the gate where you leave Marloth Park.
    7. All windows and doors are closed, all lights and air conditioners are switched off.
    8. Departure time: every day before 10:00 a.m.

The holiday home has valuable items and equipment in it and the deposit serves to compensate for any accidents or damage caused by the tenant. The following rules apply to the deposit :

    1. Complaints about the inventory and possible existing damage will only be accepted up to 3 hours after arrival. This must be reported to the caretaker immediately.
    2. The holiday home will be checked during the final cleaning. At that time the caretaker will determine damage, loss or breakage.
    3. If the holiday home has been left in good order and no damage, loss or breakage has been found, the deposit will be returned no later than 3 weeks after the stay. If the damage or loss exceeds the deposit, the tenant is obliged to make the additional payment within 7 days after being notified of such.
    4. A conflict about damage, breakage or loss is a conflict between tenant and owner. The owner will have the final say and decides on the deposit.
    5. Damage or loss incurred must be reported to the caretaker as soon as possible. It is advisable to keep broken pieces or damaged goods and show them to the caretaker. In this way it can be determined what it is about and prevent from misunderstandings or discussions.

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General rules:

  • Arrival after 14:00 and departures before 10:00.
  • The deposit you paid in advance will be refunded ultimately 3 weeks after checking the house and with possible deduction of damages. In case of damaged / missing or broken inventory, we ask you to report this to our caretaker Adele.
  • Our house is completely smoke-free, both inside and outside.
  • When you leave the house, no matter how short, make sure that all windows and doors are closed and the alarm is on.
  • Upon departure please leave the house behind as how you found it: neat and tidy.

Inside the house:

  • Close all windows and doors properly when you leave and turn on the alarm completely. Never forget this !!
  • If you are (especially) at the back of the house on the verandah or deck, make sure that the windows and doors at the front of the house are closed. Baboons and other monkeys come in easily. Only the windows in the outer bedrooms, which are equipped with a steel mosquito net (Clearguard) with a lock, may be left open when you are at home. Do keep the Clearguard locked!
  • When you go to bed, always switch on the alarm with the 'stay home' button. All sliding doors must then be closed. With 'night security' the small windows in the bedrooms may remain open for ventilation if you wish. With the alarm on ‘stay home’ mode You can walk through the house without sounding the alarm.
  • Water is a scarce resource in Africa. Use it wisely and do not waste water.
  • Do not run the air conditioners all day long. An hour before going to sleep is enough for a cool bedroom.
  • Residents and other guests appreciate peace and quiet; Pay attention to the volume of TV and music, especially when the sliding doors are open.
  • The house is cleaned once a week and after your departure. If you want more frequent cleaning, please contact Adele. The costs for any additional cleaning are for your own account (quotation on request).
  • It is not permitted to remove the mattresses from the beds or to use them other than to sleep on.
  • Towels may not be taken from the house. Use your own towel or the designated beach towels provided to you at the swimming pool. If you want extra clean towels during your stay, then R30 is charged per towel. Contact Adele and she will make sure there are clean towels. If you stay longer than a week, you will receive clean towels when the house is cleaned regularly.
  • The house makes use of a septic tank. Therefore, do not flush any foreign objects in the toilets or basins.
  • The entire house is NO SMOKING. This includes outside on the verandah.
  • If you leave and want to leave your food or other products for the maids, put all of these in the fridge as cleaning is not always done the same day.
  • When the garbage bag is full, please take it to the gate where you leave Marloth Park. Do not leave full garbage bags outside as this will attract animals and vermin.
  • Upon your departure, please empty all bins and take the waste to the gate where you leave Marloth Park.

Outside the house:

  • It is forbidden to take glassware into the swimming pool. Also, be careful using glassware around the pool area.
  • Children are only allowed using the swimming pool under adult supervision.
  • Do not dive into the swimming pool as it is not deep enough for that.
  • Do not leave any foodstuff outside if you are not in the area. Baboons and other monkeys are quick and eager to find food in an easy way.And they will be back for more!
  • You have a key to open the gate of the inner garden. You can, for example, use this to safely store rented bicycles or to store a bale lusern. Here you will also find in- and outdoor brooms and a bucket.
  • Be very careful with any kind of fire as Marloth Park is very dry!! An open fire is only allowed in the boma. In case of (strong) wind or wind gusts,NO fire may be made in the boma given fire hazard. You can always light a fire in the built-in braai. Every self-ignited fire must always be watched by someone until the fire is completely extinguished (no sparks left). Extinguishing the fire in the boma may be accelerated by using sand.
  • The animals that walk around the house may be fed with the lumps or hay (lusern) that are both for sale in the shopping centers of Marloth Park. For your own safety and that of the animals it is advisable to only feed from the deck. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after feeding because the animals in Marloth Park have tuberculosis and may carry other diseases.
  • Place some banana slices on the railing or in the tree in the evening; chances are that the bush babies will come and eat them!



  • The maximum speed in the park is 20 km per hour. You are only allowed to drive up to 50 km per hour on the Olifants (asphalted road).
  • The animals always and everywhere have priorityin the park. Watch out, as they may very suddenly decide to cross!

Nature and animals:

  • The removal of any plants and trees is prohibited.
  • The animals in the may only be fed with the lumps or lucern that are for sale in the Marloth Center or the Bush Center. Please don't feed the monkeys, baboons and warthogs!! They may become cheeky and aggressive and cause discomfort. However, in the evening (when the monkeys are asleep) you can place pieces of banana to attract the bush babies.
  • Breeding with birds and animals is not permitted.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to walk, drive or cycle in the parkland. The parkland is for the animals to graze and roam. Uchawi wa Africa is on the border of the parkland, so watch out where you walk.

General rules:

  • Do not make a mess and do not leave any waste behind.
  • Walking and cycling in the park are prohibited between 6 pm and 6 am. Marloth Park is regularly visited by lions and also leopards and hyenas may come over from the Kruger Park in the evenings.
  • Making a fire is forbidden. This is only allowed in the boma or built-in braai.
  • Collecting wood on the premises or in the bush is forbidden. Broken branches are compostable and should continue to lie where they fell. Wood for the barbecue or boma fire can be purchased at the park entrance or in the shopping centers.
  • Spotlights are prohibited. There are more suitable alternatives for seeing animals at night.
  • Fireworks (and also crackers) are prohibited.
  • Quad bikes are not allowed in the whole park.
  • Drones are strictly forbidden and will be confiscated by the security.
  • No camping is allowed on the premises, only at the campsites.
  • Loud music and parties are not allowed. Respect the peace and quiet of the bush and your neighbours at all times!

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